“I am deeply committed to the cause of education and would like to see every person, man and woman, boy and girl, be touched by the light of modern education. Empowerment of women is particularly important to me as I believe this leads to the empowerment of the nation”

“Cinema does not exist in an isolated vacuum, removed from reality. Cinema expresses the social, political, economic and cultural ethos of the society in which it is produced and in turn cinema also has an impact on societies. The Indian film industry must ensure that it is socially responsible and committed to the greater cause of upholding human values.”

“Agri-clinics to provide services such as soil quality care, water conservation, integrated nutrient management, dissemination of information on value adding processes and marketing services at the farm gate can be a source of tremendous confidence to vulnerable farmers. Every Gram Panchayat should have a Knowledge Centre for our farmers. They can make use of radio, television and IT medium to know the latest techniques to improve farm productivity and to propagate these in farmers. They can make use of radio, television and IT medium to know the latest techniques to improve farm productivity and to propagate these in farmers.”

“Energy plays a key role in achieving the goals of sustainable development and poverty eradication. We are faced with the formidable task of meeting the increasing demand for energy. The effort would be three pronged – to enhance supply, use resources available in an optimal and economical manner and on the demand side look at ways to save energy. Technological advances can contribute in large measure to this process.”

“Human dignity is the backbone of human rights. The Constitution of India proclaims “the dignity of the individual” as a core value in its Preamble. Therefore, it is important that the development process in the country is equitable and that there is a wider spread of the fruits of development. Opportunities for growth for all sections of society in particular for the disadvantaged and vulnerable are important. Disparities should be removed to ensure that needs of everyone are met. Appropriate strategies should be developed to achieve this result. It is only when the potential of all human beings is fully realized that we can talk of true human development.”

“We cannot look at the future, without first addressing the needs of the under-privileged and the disadvantaged sections of our society, with special emphasis on the empowerment of the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and other weaker sections of society. We must ensure that they too should find a place to enjoy the sunshine of the country’s growth and development. Our efforts and our commitment, while pursuing the goal of high growth rates, should be to ensure that all people of our country benefit from it. Our pledge will remain unfulfilled until, as Gandhiji had said and I quote, ‘we have wiped every tear in every eye’.”

“We must look at eco-friendly construction. All our commercial, industrial and large complexes should have green architecture.”

“Lawyers are trustees of justice for us all. Disputes are inevitable but litigation is not. The resolution of disputes can be done in diverse ways. Litigants can be offered simplified options so that justice is neither delayed nor denied.”

“Making affordable medical facilities accessible to all, with a focus on the disadvantaged sections of society and those living in rural areas, is a national priority.”

“Mediation is not about right or wrong, fair or unfair. It respects the existence of multiple perspectives and attempts to dissolve conflicts rather than solve them. Parties become partners in finding a solution and this creates a more responsible human being and a self-governed individual. Mediation creates a change in mindset from adversarial to problem solving. It is imperative to extend this concept to our communities, schools, colleges and work places in order to create a better world. People also have the option to revert back to the normal judicial forum if there is no success in mediation”

“Education is the fundamental need.”

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